Vineyard BOWines

BOWines arises in 2012, for the desire to develop the passion for wine through the search for grape varieties and areas that allow to produce modern wines, with personality and maximum quality. BOWines maintains an absolute respect and commitment for nature, developing a viticulture that manages to maintain and sustain the different Chilean “terroir”.

In addition, BOWines understands that the production of wines must be a manifestation of culture and expression of the human being, for this reason, it maintains a special commitment to support the dissemination and development of all types of artistic manifestations.

Our experience and knowledge in the development of wines of excellence is our greatest strength. This experience is based on the knowledge acquired by the winemaker throughout his professional life both in Chile and in Europe where he lived for more than a decade.

About us:

Partners, collaborators, artists and professionals.

“We are a company that is connected with nature and people through wine and art, we have just opened a blank book that will be written with the grape harvests, the winemaking process and when uncorking our bottles, with every conversation and feelings materialized in music and art, we will have an experience that will make a product of excellence and quality. ”

Our work team is joined by a restless spirit, which drives them to take on new challenges where they can express all their creativity and personality.