Vineyard Clos Andino

Two worlds, Chile and France, the story of a life and that of its members. A Chilean-French couple Victoria Jaramillo and José Luis Martin-Bouquillard and their friend Georges Blanck, a French winemaker, who share a passion for contemporary wine around a contemporary vision. Later, with the incorporation of Xinglei Pan, renowned businessman from China, Clos Andino begins its development in Asia.

They are several wines of different origins. José Luis Martin-Bouquillard, installed in the heart of the Chilean vineyards, has selected and individualized the best terroirs so that each strain expresses its potential, developing a limited number of bottles respecting the Andean Clos style with the aim of proposing the best of Chile and from France

From Chile we already know the enormous potential of quality that it has and that for 40 years is being made known in the world, with wines that now compete at the highest international level. From France, José Luis has the support and tradition of a family that has always been linked to wine; nephew of André Portet, former technical director and winemaker of Château Lafite-Rothschild, whose children Bernard and Dominique are the founders of Clos Du Val in California and Taltarni in Australia respectively.