What is Movi?

The Independent Winemakers Movement is a group of small wine producers, who make high-quality, private wines, which represent the dreams of each of their partners. The story goes back to the summer of 2009 when a group of 12 winemakers meets with the sole intention of spreading a new way of seeing Chilean wine, spreading wines made on a human scale, handmade, unique, far from the industrialization with which Chilean wine is known. Founded on the basis of the Associativity, firmly believe that group work will bring individual benefits Detachment from Individualism "here each partner can present the wines of the other as if they were their own", the wines of MOVI wines do not compete with each other, they are complementary, they reflect the character and identity of the earth and the place that gave them their origin from the hand of their creator. We find in the group Organic, Biodynamic, Dry, Terroir, Author Wines, Garage Wines, each partner has expressed their dreams in their wines.

The strategy for dissemination was first to bring MOVI closer to people, to convey that wine is an inherent part of Chilean life, to break with the extremes; of the elite product or the popular product. Take off your shirts and wear t-shirts, change the huaso hat for jockey. Do not make wine a costume or occasion.

The second was to show journalists and sommelier that there are other wines, which bring wealth to Chile, through personal experiences, travel corners of Chile showing the work of other artisans, passionate families who share the same values as MOVI, passion , enthusiasm and love for the work done. To feel in our own body the value of people and their products, to meet the traditions and culture.

But you also had to show yourself to the world. MOVI has received in Chile the most important journalists and writers of the wine of the World, but not in hotels, but in their homes, showing their lives, in which wine is the fundamental engine, showing passion and speaking frankly . On the other hand and thanks to government support, the international tours have been fundamental, presenting the group in countries such as England, United States, China, France, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Japan.

In this way the group has consolidated over the years. At present it is a constituted trade association, that although it represents something more than 0.1% of the wine production at national level, it has expanded in the world collective imaginary getting to establish itself as a category in the production of wine. MOVI came to occupy an empty space in Chile and as an example of associativity, not only in the wine industry, today there are more objectives such as; encourage the development of more personal projects, whether or not they are part of MOVI and promote national wine diversity. Promote Chile wine and country image with more actors than just a few large companies. Participating in technical commissions together with other associations of the union and government help to discover and refloat areas through the people who are producing quality wines and who expect to obtain a fair value for each bottle produced.