Vineyard Alchemy

We are a team dedicated to winemaking, in which our vision is to best manage the vineyards that will give rise to our wines.

Our company is born from the hand of the Californian Winemaker Alphonse Derose in 2002, making wines in Colchagua which were then exported directly to the United States. In 2009 Eduardo Camerati travels to California to make his first harvest, they both know each other and start working together, and by 2010 they decide to establish a project in the Almahue Valley what Alchemy Wines is today. Our goal is to produce wines 100% handmade and with gravity. Desgrana each cluster by hand and then be fermented only with native yeasts in small containers, once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, we separate the juice from the skin with hydro Italian basket presses. Then the wine is taken by gravity to French oak barrels New and used to make the malolactic fermentation, once this second fermentation is finished, we sulphite and wait a couple of days to make the first racking before the final guard for 12 months. < / p>

We bottle traditionally, do not filter or stabilize.


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