Vineyard Erasmo

The Bodega de La Reserva de Caliboro, was built at the end of the 19th century as a wine cellar. It was conceived with a structure of thick adobe walls that open elegantly towards the surrounding grounds, in three large and tall ships, in an optics that, in those times, sought to achieve the most suitable environment for winemaking.

The winery was used for winemaking until the eighties.

After some years of wine inactivity, in 2005 Count Francesco Marone Cinzano, after the creation of the Caliboro Reserve, wanted to completely rehabilitate this imposing structure with an ambitious project.

He sought, through the conservation and recovery of the structure, to rescue an emblematic symbol of the Chilean cultural heritage of the area, with special respect for the natural environment that surrounds it, only adding in its interior the most modern winemaking techniques imported from Italy .

This mixture of ancient and modern makes the winery a place that completes and frames an exciting project of strict and disciplined search for quality in the production of superior wines, where, precisely, the historical contribution of a family that has experience secular in the world of winemaking along with a constant search and attention for the most recent contributions of know-how in this sector.


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