Vineyard Flaherty

Ed Flaherty and Jenny Hoover, both from California, came to Chile in 1993 with the intention of working a harvest, and stayed. The country has an exceptional climate for viticulture, producing ripe fruit with soft tannins and intense primary fruit flavors. Since his arrival, Ed has worked with some of the most prominent vineyards in the country, such as Cono Sur, Errázuriz and Tarapacá. As an executive winemaker, I spent more time in the office and laboratory than in the warehouse. He created Flaherty Wines in 2004 to work more directly in the winemaking process. Flaherty is one of the few boutique vines in Chile. It began producing 1200 bottles of a single mixture in 2004, growing to around 40,000 bottles, which includes three assemblies of Aconcagua and Cauquenes. Half of the production is sold in Chile, and the rest is exported to Germany, Brazil, Korea and the United States. The process does not end with the sale. Although it is said that winemaking is an art, in fact wine is made to consume — and rarely taken alone. Therefore, while Ed is in the cellar working with the mixtures, Jenny is in the kitchen, preparing something delicious for visitors or the team.


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