Vineyard OWM Wines

Jaime Núñez and José Antonio Bravo are second grade cousins, whose mothers studied together in Osorno. Years later they meet again in Santiago, while one of them worked and the other studied. This is how each one forms his family by creating this bond between his children. After the years, these cousins are reunited, both living in the Colchagua Valley, one as a winemaker and the other as a winemaker, it was then that he began to talk and timidly in the vintage 2011 2 barrels of Carmenere were vinified very rudimentary resulting a very good quality wine. This motivated to produce more, in an artisanal way, always aiming to obtain quality. In 2013 wine was made in an external cellar, producing 5 barrels. In 2014 a small adobe winery was inaugurated, making the first harvest in it, raising a total of 17 barrels. The 2013 wines were bottled in August 2014, starting the first bottling and first label development under the name of OWM, the name of the company between them.


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