Vineyard Polkura

The passion for Syrah is the concept that best defines the nature of POLKURA.

The road began in 1998, when the winemaker Sven Bruchfeld, along with his friend and university colleague Gonzalo Muñoz, dreamed of future projects to carry out together. Gonzalo studied in Spain and Sven worked during the harvests in different wine regions of the world. Both coincided in those days near Narbonne, in the south of France. A Mediterranean-style Syrah tasting at one of the local wineries with a tasty mint lamb would define that strain was what should be the basis of your future wine.

Already both back in Chile, they set out to find the most suitable place to develop the vineyard with which to maximize the quality of the grapes and therefore those of the wine they had in mind.

This is how in 2002, they find the place they longed for. An abandoned property in Marchigüe - an area located at the western end of the Colchagua Valley - met the soil and climate requirements necessary to fulfill that dream, which adapt particularly well to the type of wine that was wanted to be made.

12 ha were then planted on the hill POLKURA being the first harvest in 2004.


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