Vineyard Maurizio Garibaldi

Maurizio Garibaldi

Maurizio Garibaldi is a winemaker and third generation of a family dedicated to winemaking. After accumulating experience in different wineries in Chile and abroad, such as in New Zealand, France and Portugal, he decided to start his personal project in Chile, convinced of the wide potential given by the uniqueness of its climate and geography. Then, starting in 2013, the search for vineyards begins, being clear that they met important requirements: unique terroirs that allowed it to produce elegant and fresh wines, but at the same time with personality and particular characteristics that would appeal mainly to their origin. In addition, an organic approach was applied in the management of the vineyard and the harvest was governed by the Biodynamic Calendar.
This line was born as a means of expression, through which its creator can connect and deliver his vision of wine to others, hoping to provide a unique experience both in the mouth and nose.