Vineyard Polkura


POLKURA is a wine project, initiated in 2002 by the Muñoz and Bruchfeld families, with the aim of making an exceptional wine based on the exciting Syrah strain. Marchigüe, in the western end of the Colchagua Valley in Chile, was chosen as the ideal site, since it has demonstrated tremendous potential to produce this variety.
POLKURA is the name of a small hill, located inside the vineyard. On its slopes grow the grapes that give rise to this wine. POLKURA means “Yellow Stone” in the original Mapuche language, referring to the large amount of yellow granite distributed by the clay soils of the sector. The decomposed granite (maicillo) gives the wine minerality and elegance, while the clays provide body and structure. The moderate climate adds fruitiness and spicy notes, resulting in a fine, complex and harmonious wine in ideal balance.